What Type of Fence is Best for Your Dog?

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Here at ORNACO, we’re crazy about dogs. We love cats too, but have you ever seen a cat on a leash? We never have, and we’ll probably never see one in a kennel either. Just like there’s a dog to suit just about everyone’s taste, there are also a variety of fences to suit your dog. Before we get into what sort of fence is best for Fido, here are 3 important considerations to keep in mind when fence shopping.

  1. Is your dog a lover or a fighter? For most dogs, the biggest threat they’ll ever pose to you or the rest of the neighborhood comes from the poop they leave sitting for you to step in. However, some dogs—whether through generations of breeding or intentional training—have a more aggressive mentality. If you have a big fat golden retriever you probably don’t have to worry about him tearing apart other neighborhood dogs, but if you own a more aggressive breed or even guard dogs, build a fence that’s tall enough to keep from jumping over, strong enough to keep from tearing through, and put it over paving slabs or chicken wire embedded into the ground to prevent digging under.
  2. Is your dog a senior citizen or a young pup? If your dog is getting up there in years, it’s probably not going to be hopping the fence any day soon. On the other hand, if you have a younger, less disciplined dog, not to mention one of a more active breed, you’ll need to make sure that the fence is escape-proof (see above) but also that it allows your dog enough space to roam around and burn off all that excess puppy energy. Ah, youth.
  3. Is your dog pint-size or super-size? If you own anything smaller than a cocker spaniel, there’s no reason to build a fence that’s 8 feet tall. Likewise, if you own a Newfoundland that could ballroom waltz with you if it stood up on its hind legs, don’t put it behind a flimsy 3 foot tall white picket fence, unless you want it to practice dancing with the neighbors while you’re out. When it comes to fence strength, we generally recommend using residential grade for dogs weighing 80 lbs or less. If your dog is larger than 80 lbs, commercial grade is your best bet.

Now that you’ve started thinking about the size and dimensions of the fence best for your dog, let’s look at what sort of fence style will be most suitable based on their behavior, age, and size.

  1. Aluminum Fence: For most dogs, an aluminum fence is a great place to start. The posts can be set at tight intervals to keep your dog from squeezing through, but they don’t need to be as tall as other types of fences. A high quality aluminum fence, especially one that is powder-coated, will stand up better to the wear and tear your dog will impose on it and present less maintenance issues in the long run.
  2. Chain Link Fence Addition: Chain link additions are ideal for dogs that are small and can squeeze through the rails of your aluminum fence. Since they’re easy to put up, cost very little, and can be laid out in any number of shapes, chain link fences are a great option if you’re on a budget and have a lot of space to cover. Keep in mind that depending on how robust the links themselves are, it could be possible for your dog to chew through the fence, and don’t forget to put a solid stone or concrete base along the bottom to keep your dog from burrowing under. Click here for more information on chain link puppy barriers.
    aluminum fence puppy barrier

    Chain Link Puppy Barrier

  3. Wrought Iron Addition: While a simple aluminum fence will be sufficient for most dogs, some owners like to have some extra protection at the bottom for their smaller dogs. Wrought iron additions are a great option if you aren’t a fan of the chain link look above. For the owner that needs extra protection and is more concerned about aesthetics than cost, the wrought iron addition is the best choice.
aluminum fence puppy picket

Puppy Picket

Whether your dog is small or large, old or young, ORNACO can help you find a fence style to match your needs. Our aluminum fencing and puppy panels have a maintenance free, durable finish that enables our residential aluminum fencing to offer a lifetime limited warranty. We offer aluminum fencing and puppy panels in a variety of styles and heights to match any need or look. Contact your local fence experts today for a free bid of your property

ornacoWhat Type of Fence is Best for Your Dog?