If Hell has a library, it’s filled with warranties, T&Cs and advanced calculus workbooks. If you’re really into feeling the burn, you can find a link to the full warranty for each of our manufacturers listed at the bottom of this page. But if you just want a general idea of what’s covered and what isn’t, read on.

Our Labor Warranty

At ORNACO, we pride ourselves on the work we do and the suppliers we partner with. Our guarantee to you is that if you’re not satisfied with our installation or our products, we’ll work with you to make things right. ORNACO even offers a lifetime labor warranty at no cost to the original owner for replacement of materials considered defective by the manufacturer.

Our Manufacturers’ Warranty

Alumi-Guard warrants the powder coated finish will not chip, crack, or flake. Repairs and/or replacements will be made on defective items if they feel like it, more or less. The cost of removal or transportation charges incurred for the inspection of the claim is not covered. Nor are damages from mishandling, altering, abuse, misuse, damage in transit or by an uncontrollable force of nature, act of God, or declaration of war. But seriously, how epic must that act of God have to be to rule out the warranty? Might be worth the damage!

Ameristar’s Montage® welded ornamental panels and posts are guaranteed under normal and intended usage. But what is not considered normal or intended use? Among other things, damage caused by gardening tools, chain link mesh, direct contact with plant life of any sort, or cutting/welding the fence yourself.

This page is not our all-inclusive warranty. To read the full warranty, click here.

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