What Makes a Safe Horse Estate Fence?

It’s no secret that ORNACO people are dog people. And while we do give our pups a lot of love, we haven’t forgotten about our other favorite four-legged friends. After all, horses need love (and fences) too!

A well-constructed fence can really enhance the aesthetics and value of a horse facility. Although we’re confident that we can provide the best looking of estate fencing, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Our main concern is the safety of the horse that the fence is built to protect. Some types of fences are inherently more dangerous to any horse, no matter the size or temperament. So, what exactly makes a safe horse fence? We’ll tell ya!

A safe horse fence…

  1. Gives upon impact.  A fence that has some flexibility (“give” in horseman’s terms) can minimize injuries if a horse accidentally runs into it. Our high-grade aluminum “estate fencing” can hold a surprisingly heavy load without permanently bending or breaking, unlike vinyl. Each rail is installed in a continuous length, allowing impact to be absorbed by the entire length of the fence without risking injury to your horse. The flexible design means no caught legs or entanglement injuries.
  2. Is highly visible. A horse will usually avoid running into a fence if it can see it, which of course prevents unnecessary damage to your fence and injury to your horse. Our product features wide railing and is available in 7 vibrant, long lasting colors to ensure high visibility.
  3. Doesn’t entangle a horse. Good fencing shouldn’t contain anything that could snag a horse. Barbed wire, for example, is NOT a horse fence. Our product has a sleek, secure design and is available in 2-rail, 3-rail, and 4-rail styles to meet your safety needs.
  4. Has rounded corners. Square corners pose the threat of a trap point in which dominant aggressive horses can trap a horse in a corner and injure it. This is something to take into consideration if you have more than one horse in an area. Round corners are typically harder to install using traditional horse fencing such as wood. However, because of the “build as you go” design of our aluminum product, we can easily round the corners of your fence for a safer pasture.

Following these guidelines will help you to create a safer pasture for your beloved horses, and choosing ORNACO will ensure that your fence meets each standard.

ornacoWhat Makes a Safe Horse Estate Fence?