Kansas City Fencing Regulations

Kansas City Fencing Regulations

Before you start a new fencing project, it’s a good idea to brush up on the local regulations. To help the process run smoothly—and help you avoid frustration—here’s an overview of the minimum fencing standards in Kansas City, Missouri.

If you live in Kansas City,

  • You can install a fence standing 4’ or less in your front or side yard
  • You can install a fence standing 6’ or less in your back yard
  • On vacant or corner residential lots, the height requirements are the same as listed above
  • Electric fences, 12 volts or less, are typically permitted only in commercial or heavy industrial zones
  • Electric fences should not be installed within five feet of any public street or sidewalk
  • All electric fences should be enclosed by a 6’ non-electric security fence and accompanied by legible warning signs placed every 50 feet
  • Special exceptions to listed standards may be granted by the board of zoning adjustment
  • If you decide to file for a special exception, there is a filing fee of $174
  • Special exceptions can be approved by the board with a simple majority ruling
  • The above standards do not apply to fences constructed before March 20, 2000


If you live outside of Kansas City city limits, make sure you check out local ordinances and/or housing requirements for your neighborhood.

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