Residential, Commercial, and Estate Fence Installation

ORNACO’s fencing experts will work with you to select the right material and style for your fencing project. Although we keep aluminum, wrought iron and steel product on hand, we typically recommend aluminum for its durability and low cost. We keep product on hand to ensure a fast turnaround time. Click on the tabs below to learn more about different product styles.

What’s the difference between aluminum, steel and wrought iron fence?

COST: Most cost-effective product

MAINTENANCE: No maintenance required

PROS: Rackable, variety of colors and designs

CONS: Lightweight, not recommended for industrial use

COST: Medium-upper price range

MAINTENANCE: Minimal maintenance

PROS: High security, best for industrial use

CONS: Rusting

COST: Most expensive

MAINTENANCE: Constant upkeep required (sanding and repainting)

PROS: Classic look and custom designs

CONS: Maintenance and cost

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