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If you’re new to our site, you’re probably wondering 1) How do you pronounce “ornaco” and 2) What the heck does it mean? In short, ORNACO is an abbreviation for The Ornamental Fencing Company… thus pronounced orna-co.

So what exactly is ornamental fencing? It’s is a recently coined term for metal fences that enhance the appearance of a property, garden, landscaping, etc. Ornamental fences are referred to as a number of names such as:
• Metal fence
• Steel fence
• Aluminum fence
• Wrought iron fence
• Pool fence
• Decorative fence

The history of ornamental fencing goes back for centuries, beginning with blacksmiths and wrought iron. Though ironwork has been almost exclusively replaced by steel due to pricing and availability, the terms “steel fence” and “wrought iron fence” are typically used interchangeably today. More recently, aluminum fencing came into the picture and changed the game. Ornamental aluminum fences were first manufactured in the 1960s, and have really gained popularity in residential America (especially east of the Mississippi River) over the past decade. Many neighborhood Home Owners Associations now require aluminum fences due to its low maintenance and uniform appearance from home to home. This created much more demand for aluminum fencing, which allowed it to drop in price and compete with steel.

That’s where ORNACO came in. After over ten years of running a successful fence and deck business in Missouri, Brandon (founder of ORNACO) had an epiphany. Year after year, aluminum and steel fencing had continuously proved to be the most reliable fence materials, with the least likelihood of installation glitches. So, he thought, why not sell and install only these types of fences? Customer satisfaction was almost guaranteed, and it would save him a lot of headaches. And so, ORNACO was born.

Since Brandon decided to focus his business on ornamental fencing, he was given the opportunity to spread this epiphany across the country. His mission: to change the way the fencing industry, and construction industry as a whole, is viewed. Using a model made up of specialized service, knowledgeable employees, and quality product, ORNACO has since established crews in Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. Each crew is made up of local experts who are just as passionate about bettering their city as they are about fencing. Meet part of our team here (more bios coming soon).

ornacoHistory of ORNACO

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