Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Fence

Ornaco Holiday Fence Decorations

Squabbling over leftover portions of honey-baked ham. Shoving your way through unbearably packed shopping malls as screaming children zoom about. Putting up with that obnoxious third cousin of yours. Oh yeah, it’s Christmas time. The holiday season definitely has its ups and downs, but no doubt the highlight of Christmas has to be decorating your beautiful all-weather powder-coated ORNACO fence. You … Read More

Mallory Van WaardeChristmas Decorating Ideas for Your Fence

4 Reasons to Install Your Fence This Winter


Waiting for the spring thaw to start thinking about your fencing project might seem like a good idea. In fact, most homeowners put their outdoor projects on hold when the weather gets cold. This may come as a surprise, but winter is actually a great time to take action on your fencing project. While the indoors beckon with promises of … Read More

Mallory Van Waarde4 Reasons to Install Your Fence This Winter